For those of you who remember squizzers - the super high quality cutting tool, good news, we have brought them back to the fishing world. For those of you not familiar with these amazing scissors, you have to check them out!
  • Ultra sharp
  • Highest quality
  • Right or left handed
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Guaranteed
  • Easy for children
  • Value for money!

SQUIZZERS are ultra sharp blades made from surgical steel, guaranteed for life against rust and defects in material and workmanship. We carry four blade patterns to fit all of your fly tying and fishing needs. Whichever model(s) you choose, your new SQUIZZERS will be the best cutting tools you will ever own. Give them a try!

Made from 300 series stainless steel, these guaranteed for life cutting tools are the top choice in the medical industry for doctors, surgeons and dentists. They simply are the best all around scissor available anywhere.

Rip Lips Fishing has teamed up with the inventor of SQUIZZERS to offer these unique cutting tools to the fishing and fly tying industry. Just click on our WebStore link below to make your order.

Wholesalers and retailers interested in carrying SQUIZZERS, please contact us at for pricing and details.

Models from top to bottom:

These four models range in overall length from 4 7/8" to 5"

  • Model SQ-1: Features - Super sharp precision straight cutting blades with ultra point tips. This model is our all purpose workhorse, great for all types of cutting tasks.
  • Model SQ-4C: Features - Super sharp precision curved blades with point tips. The blades are a little shorter and are curved compared to the SQ-1. This model is perfect for intricate detail and working on bends and tight spots.
  • Model SQ-6: Features - Super sharp cutting blade and comes with a unique notched blade. These are a great choice for cutting individual feathers, hackle, biots, etc. and also works well on tying thread.
  • Model SQ-2B: Features - Super sharp precision cutting blades with rounded tips. This model is the chcoice to hang on your fishing vest to quickly and easily snip all diameters of monofilament line. Works well at the tying bench too.